Child Dentistry

It is a branch of Dentistry dealing with your child’s teeth from birth to adolescence. It includes the following treatments:

Pulpotomy: it is the removal of a portion of the pulp including the diseased part with the intent of maintaining the vitality of remaining pulpal tissue by means of a therapeutic dressing.

Laser Pulpotomy: this technique overcomes conventional Pulpotomy, by making the treatment less painful, Blood less and less traumatic to your child.

Pulpectomy: it is the removal of the entire pulp in the pulp chamber and the root canal is removed. During this procedure, your child is given Local Anesthetic to minimise pain.

Fluorides: your child receives this treatment in order to protect the teeth from further decay. We use a tray, like a mouth guard and hold it on your child’s teeth for 4-5 minutes. Fluorides are available in plenty of Flavours (Strawberry, Pineapple, Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch etc) so that your child can choose his/her pick!

Space maintainers: your child may need space maintainers, if he/she loses her tooth early or has a baby tooth extracted due to Dental Decay. Its purpose is to keep the space open to allow the permanent tooth to erupt and come into place in order to prevent misalignment of the remaining teeth which may migrate into the space created by early loss/ shedding of the baby tooth. It is an appliance that is custom made by a Pedodontist/ Orthodontist in Acrylic/ Metal material.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pulpotomy and how it is different from root canal?

If caries has entered the pulp chamber or it is very in close approximation to the pulp chamber then a normal filling would aggravate the problem, the patient needs a totally different treatment which is similar to root canal called Pulpotomy or Pulpectomy.

Why to do a Pulpotomy on a tooth which is not going to be permanent?

Generally, people feel that milk teeth or the deciduous teeth are going to shed away and permanent teeth are going to replace them , so why to get them treated?

This is a mistake which everyone does because the milk tooth is designed to stay there in the oral cavity for a certain period of time as the jaw is small sized and a permanent tooth size is big in case if we extract milk teeth before time then the permanent tooth erupts much earlier than it is supposed to. So, it may lead to crowding and various other problems in the future and the patient may need braces to correct them. Hence, it is always advised to go for a reporter me for a deep carious tooth unless and until it is highly mobile where extraction would be the treatment of choice.

Do we need to keep a cap after a pulpotomy procedure?

Yes, it is compulsory if a root canal or a Pulpotomy is done on the posterior teeth as the tooth may fracture or the filling may come out if a cap is not in place. There are special prefabricated metal caps called ad Pedocrowns for kids and they are available with the Pedodontist who will fabricate them directly into the oral cavity without taking any impressions in one sitting.

Why sometimes a child needs to be treated under general anesthesia for dental procedures?

If the child is not very cooperative with the oral procedures, multiple cavities, multiple fillings and multiple root canals needs to be done. In such cases, general anesthesia would be the preferred choices by the dentist so that it can be finished in one go along with a high degree of perfection.

My kid’s teeth are not erupting even though it’s been time the milk teeth have fallen down?

Generally, the permanent anterior teeth erupt between 6 to 8 years of age, if they still don’t erupt then you need to consult a Dentist as soon as possible. Lasers can be used in cases where a thick soft issue is stopping the tooth to erupt. It is 100% safe procedure and routinely practiced where there is delayed eruption.