Laser Gum Therapy

The field of dentistry which deals with gum related issues is called as Periodontics. For tooth to survive for a long time in oral cavity, it needs a good foundation and anchorage which is provided by alveolar bone and gums. Many people suffer from mild to moderate gum diseases with swollen and spongy gums bleeding from the gums.


👉 Bleeding while brushing or eating hard things
👉 Bad breath
👉 Bitter taste in the mouth
👉 Patient may also suffer from digestive problems
👉 A pus formation around the teeth & gums

When to Meet Dentist

It is when you observe your teeth gums are swollen and bleeding with moving apart from your tooth, it is right time to visit a Dentist for a checkup and further treatments

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Our stringent sterilization protocols, firm belief in cleanliness and our strict guidelines make you feel overall comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of gum disease?

There are various signs of gum disease which one can notice. Initially, there can be bleeding while brushing or eating hard things, there could be bad breath, there could be some bitter taste in the mouth. Patient may also suffer from digestive problems and ultimately the tooth becomes mobile when the disease progresses to an advanced stage.

What is the treatment procedure for getting cured of gum diseases?

Treatment begins from simple scaling in mild cases which means tooth cleaning. In moderate cases, one may need deep cleaning (curettage) along with lasers to cure the disease. In advanced cases flap surgery along with bone graft is indicated. It all depends on the severity of the disease which your dentist will decide as to what treatment is best suited for you. We have specialists who are experts in taking care of your gums so that they are pink and healthy always.

Is there any treatment for the black gums?

Yes of course, there is a treatment for black gums. They are black because of pigmentation and to make them pink, we need to remove the melanin pigmentation from it which can be comfortably done with the use of soft tissue lasers. It is a one-day procedure and 100% safe. We have one of the world’s best lasers from Bio-lase USA.

Are gum treatment procedures very painful?

No not at all, they are all done under local anesthesia. Hence, one doesn’t feel the pain and one doesn’t need to take any kind of rest and can continue with his daily routine from the following day.